Crystal Pyramid


This installation is a real-time interactive installation, it allows the audience to change the vortex flow in one of their most familiar scenes on campus - the Red Square. The audience can interact with the installation through a modified squeeze-type flashlight, and it is trying to simulate the effort needs to make to agitate the water with the flashlight’s force feedback. And the audience can observe how Red Square is submerged by the vortex in a hologram through 45 degrees-tilted transparent acrylic sheets.

The installation is mimicking crystal ball used in divination, the audience can see the potential future of Red Square and experience the significant change in their daily environment. The audience is placed at the position of a threshold, and the audience can decide when to change the vortex and decide the level of familiarity and unfamiliarity. It is encouraging the audience to imagine scenes they take for granted and think about why the change of scenes gives them an unusual feeling.